15-05-07       Day 26        Mt. Taylor

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

W made arrangements for the Carrot Express to give us a ride to mail our boxes ahead. Dennis our driver was patient as we waited for the PO to open then dropped us off at the Ranger Station on the edge of town.

P1010745 P1010748

After a short road walk we were on trail headed for Mt. Taylor. At 11,300 ft it is the highest point so far on the trail. You could see it in the distance getting closer as we hiked. It reminded me of hiking the PCT. After looking on the maps I could see that I might be able to make it to the top before sunset. At 7:00 pm I had 700 ft to climb. W, Alex and Grits were on top. Sourdough and Phil stopped just below the peak.


The sunset was the entertainment for the night. After the sun set so did the tempeture.  It was the coldest night yet. I couldn’t get warm. Frost formed on my pack and me. Oh.

Taylor Peak 11,301 ft. 21.2 Miles

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