15-05-06.    Day 25.    Grants

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

We were up early to eat the free breakfast at the Travel Lodge.


I rushed to Walmart  to buy boots before the Mumms picked us up at 9:30 am. They gave us a ride back to the RV park so we could hike the CDT back into town. At McDonald’s we had the BIG breakfast as second breakfast. The goal is to get a mix of as many calories and  fresh vegetables into the system as possible.

P1010678P1010674            We stopped at the mining museum where we learned about the uranium mining around Grants. The town was also noted for carrot production until someone opened their refrigerator with a broken light and the carrots were glowing as bright as can be. Humm, didn’t they say to eat your carrots so you can see at night?


The Smiths Grocery had wonderful salad selection for lunch and finally we made it to the ranger station to complete our days hike through town. We hitched back to the Travel Lodge to complete packing a box of food to send ahead to Ghost Ranch Resort and the next 5-6 days to Cuba 105 miles away.


As I was working on the upcoming maps in the lobby of the hotel, Evey, the front desk clerk, shared her home made vegetable stew with me…. The nicest addition to a wonderful day in Grants

Grants.     4 Miles

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