15-05-11.  Day 30.  Celebrate

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail 2015 CD


We were in the middle of the 30 mile stretch of little water and all I had left was the water from the How Now Brown Cow Tank. Humm…..Maybe I can make it to the next water without drinking it. We got started at 6:30 am and had a beautiful hike along the rim of La Ventana Mesa.



The boys were already at the Jones Canyon Spring when we arrived. Since we were close to town, it was a feeding frenzy. Sourdough was eating a dinner for breakfast and I made the Ramin that I have been carrying since Silver City. To bad it was low sodium, just wasn’t what I was looking for.


When we stopped for lunch we had a little over five miles to NM 197 and then a five mile road walk into Cuba. We didn’t know if we would make it but the chances of camping along the road didn’t look good. At 5:30 pm we all walked into Cuba together.  Alex’s friend Alex met us as we walked to Mrs Yang’s Del Prado Motel. We all showered and Alex drove us to El Bruno’s Mexican Restaurant to celebrate one month on the trail….I had one to many margaritas. Another Great Day….

Del Prado Motel, Cuba. 22.1 Miles

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