15-04-26. Day 15.   Snow

The drops of rain gave me enough time to run a string and set up the tarp. It was 11:58 pm. Alex having sent his tent in for repairs jumped under. By 6:00 am the rain turned to snow. Not a good time to be stream crossing. At 9:00 am the snow/rain stopped and it was time to go. The rain and snow and sun took turns, changing from one to the other.


At 2:22 pm I crossed the Gila River for the last time. As I sloshed on with my soaking wet feet, I reminisced of the past 6 days. The Gila was at one time a great hike. Since the flood it is different. It is river crossings, rock hopping, sand grinding, willow wacking, tree climbing, trail finding, snow raining, four alarm adventure. As Moonwalker would say, ” I’m done with that taste”…. Next…..

The birds we saw or heard were Canyon Wren, Common Merganser Duck, Mexican Whip-por-will, and Zone-taried Hawk. Animals, Elk, Bear, Beaver and Turkey Prints


We are a little short of food and hoped to mooch some at the Snow Lake Campground. Alex and WW hauled out a chair and stainless pot from  “camp trash” they found in the canyon. We saw some campers and brought them “Gifts”.


Suddenly WW had four hot dogs on the fire. Brothers Bobby and Gilbert were at Snow Lake to hunt turkey. They told us the whole story of how to grab us a turkey. All we need is another 20 lbs of gear.. The hot dogs were fantastic along with mustard and buns. Where they turkey dogs? Humm….. Suddenly you could see the rain comming over the mtn. We quickly  thanked them and ran back to move our packs as we were again rain/snowed on. The bathroom sheltered us from another wave of weather. At 4:20 pm we needed to move on to Gail Tank where we had dinner and watered up. What a day…..


1 mile past Gail Tank. Xx Miles 7,920 ft. Snowing again…

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