15-04-27 Day 16.    The Divide

It was cold, very cold, not freezing, but cold. I had all my cloths on except for two extra pair of socks. It rained a little, Sunshined a little, and hailed a little. We headed to Cox Canyon between Eagle Peak and Pinon Knob.


We first climbed to 8,400 ft. then up to the Divide at 9,023 ft. There was still snow on the ground from falling the day before. Chef Sourdough made a wonderful freeze dried pasta salad for second lunch. The sun came out and we dried out our sleeping bags. We left the dirt road and hiked along the Divide on trail. It felt really good to be on trail. It was short lived as we soon were in a burn area with no trail. We looked at the map and GPS and headed cross country where we picked up the trail again. It was 6:30 pm and hungry. We didn’t make it to the next water but made due with what we had. We cooked over fire since we were low on fuel. We saw Elk, Mule Deer, and lots of birds.. Sourdough knew them all, especially the robins… Nice Moon…


Tularsa Mtns.     29 Miles

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