15-04-24  Day 14  Little Things/Big Things

What is a cup of hot water? The notes on the map said we had 85 more river crossings. By 6:45 am I had already lost count and we weren’t even at the point where the note stated the counting started. My feet were numb and the rocks were like 80 grit sandpaper gringing on my feet. Every time I entered the river I would shake the sand and stones out from between my Tevas and my feet only to have them fill up again as I climbed out. By 8:00 am I was being tested.


Off in the distance we could see a person. As we approached we could see a fire and a “Hello”. Do you want a cup of coffee? ”


Do you really mean it? YES!. Burny, Rick and George from Tucson, Az were out for week. They asked a lot of questions while we enjoyed drinking hot coffee by the fire. We were all warmed up and it was time to go. I said ” Little things to Through Hikers are big things and this is a really BIG Thing”. It was. Thanks so much!  I was ready to hit the river again. As amazing as it was, it was challenging as well.


At lunch we reviewed our progress and realized we underestimated how long it would be till we get to Pie Town, our next food stop. Maybe we can get some food from the campers at Snow Lake tomorrow.


Along The Gila River near Swinging Cross Canyon.   15 Long Miles.

Oh, Phil fell today…….Sourdough fell in the river…..

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