15-04-21. Day 10. The Eye

The eye looked bad. Real bad. It looked like an old faucet with a constant drip. Sourdough tried to sleep in his contact in one eye. He knew he made a big mistake… Decision time. Head to a Dr. or head to the trail.. Tough it out and head for the trail was the decision. We packed up and headed to the Food Basket Market to get Smartwater bottles of water and Fritos. We just needed the bottles the water came in since we were hiking long streches without water.


On our way we met up with Avelino from the Silver City Daily Press. He is the Editor and was tipped off that there were some CDT Hikers in town by a lady we met while walking through town. He knew the trail out of town so he guided the way for us telling us the history of the newspaper and his years growing up in town. Hiking through the Little Walnut Park added to our great stay in Silver City.


At the end of the park we said our goodbys and hiked on. As we climbed out of town, Sourdough’s eye continued to water and was a big problem for him but he continued on. We crossed our first running water of the entire hike as we crossed Bear Creek. At Moore Canyon Creek we ate dinner and camped below Big Trap Spring.. As we fell asleep we prayed Sourdough’s eye would heal.

Big Trap Spring.     18 Miles

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