15-04-22.      Day 11      The Gila

Sourdough woke us at 5:00 am a healed man. Not perfect but much better. 5:30 am we were headed to the famed Gila River.. Up we climbed Sheep Correll Canyon to 6,900 ft along the Sapillo Trail before dropping to 5,200 feet to the Gila River.


We stopped on our way for breakfast and Alex and Wagon walked up. Somehow they took the long cut out of town and had great stories of their adventure. We all hiked together to the river for lunch. Eats and his son Ents joined us for a true hiker feed. They moved on quickly as they were doing big miles having started 3 days behind us. Everyone hikes their own hike.



The trail got washed out in 2013 so it was SLOOOOW going. We crisscrossed the river walking on sand and rocks. Ouch… My feet took a beating in my Tevas that I have hiked in since the border. I have Keen Voyager boots and Topo trail runners ready to switch to when I am ready.. I might be ready.

Along the Gila River  Miles. ?