15-04-20.  Day 9.    Silver City


A Zero Day….  Eating, Resting, Eating, Computer work, Eating, Shopping, Eating, Resting… Thats all…. Well not actually. I couldn’t get to sleep last night. My achilles was throbbing. It felt like someone putting out their cigarette on it, taking a puff, and burning it again. At 1:00am I got up and took some ibuprofen. At 2:00am I wrapped it with a towel filled with ice. I finally fell asleep.  when I woke up my feet looked like they were in a 9 round boxing fight and lost by TKO. Mr. Puffy has arrived. Between my tendon and swollen feet, I was a mess. The feet OK, the tendon hurt… Really hurt. I iced it and massaged it. No improvment. After walking (Limping) around town doing the P.O. and the grocery thing, I took a shower. On closer examination it looked like a blister. Well a blister is much better than an injured tendon. Hydrogen Peroxide followed by moleskin was my treatment.


Phil, Sourdough’s friend from Alaska arrived  at 7:30 pm. He is a trail runner and has never backpacked long distance. He and Sourdough planned to hike New Mexico together and I invited myself to join them on my way to Canada….. Now there are three.  There, Done!

Silver City.  ZERO Miles.

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