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15-04-19.  Day 8.   On the Road

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

Up ay 5:00. Hiking at 5:31. Great start for hiking into Silver City. I bicycled through Silver City last spring with Moonwalker as we biked across the US. I was looking forward for a return visit. Deadman Canyon was steep and washed out in places as the water appeared and dissappeared and disappeared for good..


We walked around Tyrone Copper Mine and hit the paved road 90 for a 12 mile road walk. That’s a 4 to 6 hour walk….. We listened to some tunes to break up the monotony.


That didn’t help so we waved to the drivers as they passes and started to categorize their responce. The No responce,  One finger, Hand. And the full arm with hand. Then we started picking up trash to decorate our packs. Fun?


As we approached town we contacted Alex and Wagon Wheel to see what’s up. The La Cocina mexican restaurant was the place to fill up. Then we had to decide where to stay. The Gila Hike and Bike shop sent us to the Bike Haus for hikers and bikers to stay at.


Jamie welcomed us and gave us a tour. I asked him what was his passion and “Just Bikes” was his answer. Wagon Wheel knew SOL who was hiking with the Warrior Hikers starting tomorrow so we went to share in giving them a great sendoff. Lotta Burgers was the place. We ate and went grocery shopping.  Back to the Haus and bed.


Silver City.      22.5 miles