15-04-18.     Day 7    THE TRAIL

Awoke at 5:13 and hiking at 5:41. For the past six days we have been hiking either cross country or dirt road. After a short road walk we were hiking on trail. Maintained trail. YES!


We headed towards Goat Camp Windmill, climbing all the way..I took a lot of wrong turns including walking a half mile down Knight Canyon Road, two miles short of Goat Camp where we needed to get water. Sourdough, the scout, used his Etrex 20 and Bear Creek Maps to get us back on track.



While we were having lunch, Bill Grubbs walked up. He was the first person we have seen on or near the trail other than Alex and Wagon Wheel.  Bill’s daddy purchased their property in 1959 when Bill was 9. He has been a rancher ever since raising beef cattle. Sourdough showed him his aqua mira to purify the water. Bill wanted to make sure we didn’t get sick from the water in the cow tank.


After lunch we climbed Jacks Peek to 7,919ft. I huffed and puffed all the way up and was rewarded with a great views. We could see all the way back to Big Hatchett Mtn. where we started 7 days earlier. We found the next water along Deadman Canyon. It was late so we ate dinner and camped. Before bed we treated 3 litters each for the next 22 miles into Silver City tomorrow.

Along Deadman Canyon. 19.5 miles

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