15-04-17      Day 6.    Sharing

The plan was to get up at 5:45 am and leave by 6:30 am. Like all good plans 6:30 came and went. The lodge was bustling with 10 hikers going over their last minute plans and gear adjustment. The shuttle left at 6:30 and calm returned to the breakfast room. Sourdough made some delicious waffles fresh off the griddle. He has a special recipe he wouldn’t share. What a sour puss. He did load fresh strawberries on top with lots of syrup.


Hiker boxes are located wherever hikers overnight or resupply. If you have to much oatmeal you put the extra in the hiker box. As an example, If you need some ziplock bags that someone didn’t need, you help yourself. Alex said there was a headlamp exactly like the one Sourdough lost in the box…Humm strange coincidence. Another example of trail magic.


We talked with Peru and Radar who are active in the hiker community and are supplying the water caches and helping the CDT Hikers in any way needed.


We said our goodbys to everyone and hit the “trail” at 8:00 am. Walking through town we stopped by the Western Auto. Bernadette was most helpful in showing us her large supply of Yellow Heet used for alcohol stoves. I promptly put the word out on the CDT facebook page helping the hikers behind us.

As we hiked we could see Apache Peak, Gold Hill, and Walker Mtn. The trick was to find Engineer Canyon to hike up. Not being creative in our route finding today, Sourdough took lead in navagation.  By 4:30 pm we were at Engineer Windmill.


Most water sources are water supply for cattle. This was a classic source. The cows lined up one by one, taking turns at the watering hole. There was water for everyone including us hikers. One BULL was upset that we were there but calmed down after displaying a tantrum of stamping his feet and snorting very loud.


We packed up and hiked to the Coop Solar Well about 3 miles farther to camp. As we were hiking we were thankful of the ranchers supplying great tasting water. Sourdough even commented the water had a slight flavor of steak.. YUMM…

Coop Solar Well. 17.5 miles.

PS… Passed the 100 mile Mark today! Yes!!!

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