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15-04-16       Day 5.     Lordsburg


Today is a town day so no worries waking up and getting at it. Hiking at 5:32 am, looking for a shower and a salad, Yes. We had 4 miles to water cache #5 and 6.9 to town. After an hour and a half of going to town hiking, ( 3 miles per hour ), we came to the road where the water cache was supposed to be. Where’s the cache? Where’s the “Trail” signs? Scrambling with the maps and gps we both come to the conclusion we were a mile off the trail in the wrong direction. One mile isn’t a big deal in the 60 mph car world, ( More like 70 today), but it’s 20 to 30 minutes in the 2 mph hiking world. We finally saw the cache south of the trail 6.9 miles from town. You need water? I have a liter. I have a liter too. The cache was south of the intersection and in reality not to far off the trail but at that point not worth the effort and not needed. We would make it to town on 1 liter. That would be 26 miles on 5 liters with an overnight… Great.


The Econo Lodge was bustling with activity. Since the Continental Divide Coalition set up shuttles to the border, 10 hikers will leave to the start hiking while 10 will arrive from the start, hiking back into town about 5 days later.

Juan, our driver, who has helped us without question..greeted us. “Well, how did it go?” It was as I expected and more than I expected. Thats how I could sum it up. We went next door for pizza and had a hiker feed with Dan, Giggles, Boston Bone and Grits who I met while he was hiking the AT last year.

Back to the room to pack for the next section and write.. Nice day.

Lordsburg NM Econo Lodge, 11.4 miles