I woke up in the lap of luxury. Clean body, clean cloths, and well rested. Steve didn’t say his camping trailer was parked in the barn. It was huge, including a slide out. Karen was up early feeding the Dogs, Horses, Donkeys, Goats, and Chickens.

I packed up and headed south off route. Steve recommended riding along the coast instead of riding north to Poplarville. He said I would be closer to New Orleans, which was my destination in two days. When I arrived at Ocean Springs I knew it was the right choice.

With the wind at my back, Biloxi, Gulfport, Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay Saint Louis and Waveland, just flew by. This was the best day so far. White Sand and wide beaches lined my left for miles. Stunning homes out of historic times dotted my right. Many driveways and sidewalks lead up to vacant slabs, reminiscent of past hurricanes. Watching all the news about the area over the years can’t capture how amazing the area is.

I stopped at Beauvoir,  Jefferson Davis’s home and museum. The first and only president of the confederacy. I love history and learning about our country. One of the many benefits of traveling at 10 miles per hour.

Day 16, 58.5 miles. Waveland, MS.