My legs felt great having rested for three days. I sadly said my thanks and goodbys to Al and Sally.

The forcast was for a windy day and by the time I reached Pensacola, it was blasting. My rear gears were ghost shifting, shifting at random times, so I stopped at Bikes Plus. Brian put my bike on the rack and found my wheel was not seated. I never would have thought of that. Thanks for experts who suoport me!

On to the Alabama border. The ride would have been enjoyable if it wasn’t for the wind. I needed to be at the Ferry by 5:45 so I spent a long day on the saddle.

Pleasant Grove, Gulf Beach, Florabama, ALABAMA State Line, Gulf Shores, and Ft Morgan.

There was only one car in line at the ferry, not a good sign. Scott and Kim, who are from Oregon, pulled up on their bikes and Scott confirmed the ferry was closed due to the wind. We shared our frustration and decided to make the best of it and made dinner. As we ate, they shared their story of biking from South Florida.

We camped next to the ferry and had a friendly visit with the local security. “I’m sorry to say you can’t camp here. Sir do you know where Minton Florida is? Can you imagin what my rear feels like?” After some convincing negotiations by Scott, we were fast asleep.

Day 13, 86.2 miles, Ft. Morgan, AL