Fool of Dreams

Springer fever is in the air. It’s an exciting time for starting a life changing adventure. For thru hikers of the past it is a time of reminiscing of memories so vivid, emotional, intoxicating and addicting. What is my life about here in our culture? How do I make this or that decision? Where do i fit? There is another life, Another person, with another set of values within me. Trail Life.

For sometime now a new dream has been swimming upstream. Wrestling with our culture as to what, when and how. Now is the window in time to hike the CDT. Once again all the small ardous details that are involved in a long distance hike are coming together. The timeline is making the planning stage come to an end and I rejoice in it. The first post of the journal is another step closer to Crazy Cook, one of three northbound starts to the trail…. Admittedly I have been contemplating all the negative aspects that go along with a long hike. It’s a lot to digest. It’s time to go with the flow. I am ready for some desert and the dessert…. Here we go……
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