The birds started chirping around 6:30 while Scott and Kim took down their tent so we would not appear like we camped at the ferry landing. ” We didn’t camp, we were only waiting for the next ferry”. That was our story and we were
sticking to it. It was cold as we packed up and enjoyed a nice breakfast together. The wind had died down but still cold.

As the ferry approached, we stood out of place with our bikes all loaded up. Only 28 cars could fit on the ferry and wanted to make sure we wern’t left behind so we pushed our bikes up to the front of the line. As we rolled our bikes on the ferry, Mary, the boat attendant, told us to stay near the back so we wouldn’t get wet. Oh boy, after yesterday, I could use a shower but a hot one was what I was thinking of. When we got to Dauphin Island, Kim was thinking of a danish, so we said our goodbys and off I went.

Alabama Port, Coden, Bayou La Batre, Grand Bay, Dees, MISSISSIPPI State Line, Hurley, and Wade.

At dinner time, I stopped at the Cheveron Station to steam some vegetables. A truck pulled up and out jumped a rancher cowboy hat and all.  Steve asked, ” won’t let you eat inside?” I laughed and after he saw my bike we talked about adventure. ” Where are you staying tonight? ….. In a park somewhere around Vancleave.” I said. ” Well thats where I live. You can have a shower and stay in my barn….. It’s better than a park.”  Blessed again.

Day  15 , 58.4 miles. Vancleave, MS.