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Thanks  Mark Trail
When will the planning part of the adventure come to a close and the fun begin?


After months of dreaming, I am on the final leg of my way across America to the start of the CDT. Greyhound rides again. I am looking into Mexico from the bus headed to Lordsburg, NM, the jumping off point. Humm…  The mexican border.       Where’s Canada? Six months away… 180 days…, 2,800 miles.  Sourdough will arrive at 5:00 without his alcohol for his stove. He was trying to smuggle it on his bus traveling east from Arizonia…  what was he thinking? My yellow bottles of heet are traveling below, safetly stashed in my Osprey backpack as I travel west from Texas, I don’t look like a drug trafficker like Sourdough….. Yet!


Maybe our ride will show up tomorrow morning on time. Maybe we will find a place to stay tonight. Maybe everything is packed. Maybe the planning is coming to an end. Yes!!!

Day 0, Miles 0