Kabang-a-ranger, the thunder rang out over New Orleans. When morning light finally rose, the skies had cleared and I was well rested.

Ricky was ready for a busy day at the Cafe as he knew the line outside would feed an enless suply of hungry customers inside. He called out my order, “Mushroom Omelet with Grits”. That was easy but when he called out an order for six hungry customers, I was amazed at how the Grill Man could remember all the details. There must be some secrete code that I wasn’t privy to. I inhaled the breakfast to give me the energy I needed, for I had a challenging day ahead, packing the bike.

The seat came off easily……… Then the PEDELS…… Oh my, why did they have to weld them on? Back went on the seat and I rode to “A  Musing Bike Shop”. Michael taught me a class on pedal removel. I passed the exam and rode back to Deja Vu’s to start over again.

Remove the seat, pedals, front tire, front rack, front fender, disconnect front brakes, remove handel bars, and spin front fork around. Pack it in the box with as much gear from the panniers as I could. Done! Time? Two hours.

Deja Vu was sad to see me go, I think. After three hugs and a hand shake he left me in the care of Greyhound. Oh boy…..

Baton Rouge, La.  7:45pm

Lafayette, La. 9:23pm

Lake Charles, La. 10:56pm.

Beaumont, Tx. 12:05am

Houston, Tx. 1:55am

Change Bus……………

San Antonio, Tx. 6:15am

Change Bus……………

Kerrville, Tx. 8:15am

Junction, Tx. 9:15am

Ft Stockton, Tx. 12:30pm

Van Horn, Tx. 3:00pm

El Paso, Tx.

Wow.. Texas sure is BIG!

Change Bus……………..

Bus and Drug inspection 1 hour

Las Cruces, Nm. 7:02pm Time Change

Burris, Nm.

Boarder Patrol Check

Deming, Nm  8:29pm

Lordsburg, Nm 9:30pm

Tucson, Az 11:22pm

Phoenix, Az. 1:15am.

Change Bus………

Tolleson, Az. 2:10am

Gila Bend, Az. 3:15am

Yuma, Az. 5:20am

Calexico, Ca.6:25am

El Centro, Ca. 7:20am

El Cajon, Ca. 9:20am

San Diego, Ca. 9:50am

Wow……. 43  Hours!

Day 18 and 19, Lots of miles. California!