The Greyhound arrived on time in San Diego. Scout picked me up at the bus station and shutteled to his home. I met Scout and Frodo as I finished through hiking the PCT in 2012. Since they hiked the PCT in 2007, they provide a base for people wishing to start hiking the PCT and are what the hiking community call, TRAIL ANGELS. It looks like Grand Central Station,  transportation from the airport, train, and bus station, showers, meals, and finally transportation to the trail head near Campo, Ca. The process starts up in March and slows down in June. Friends and Neighbors bond together as the caravan of vehicals leave promptly at 6:30am filled with eager hikers dreaming of backpacking from Mexico to Canada.

I assembled my Silver Surly Long Haul Trucker and did a few chores around their home that took long past sunset. We had dinner together and a few minutes to sit and enjoy a glass of wine together sharing our life events before Scout drove me to Rick Harris’s home for the night.

Day 18,  Miles 0.  San Diego, Ca.