The fine mist of rain blew across my face as I reached to check to see if my sleeping bag was wet. It was damp so I got up and looked to see if I could find a better place to sleep that was protected from the storm. It was still dark but I could see water was puddling all around me. As being blessed, my island was still dry. Between the thunder and nearby train rumbling by, I didn’t get much needed sleep.

At 8:00am Deja Vu, who backpacked the Appalachian Trail in 2010, pick me up just in time to save me from the mass of starving knats. As we drove into New Orleans, sheets of huge rain drops pelted the car so that it was hard to carry on a conversation. Oh how nice it was not to be riding my bike today.

Karen, Deja Vu’s wife, met us at the door of their beautiful new home in downtown New Orleans. Eating, Shower, Laundry, Shopping, Getting a box to ship the bike in, and Eating again was the plan.

I received a text from Scribbles, who hiked the AT in 2011, that she was headed to New Orleans for a funeral, and asked me where I was.

“New Orleans……Now?…….Yep!……”

We all went out for a wonderful night at Joey K’s and a delicious Remoulade Shrimp Salad. Later we toped it off by walking to Cafe Du Monde and splurged with a local delicacy of Beignets and coffee. I kinda like this biking thing.

Day 17, 0 miles, New Orleans, LA.