I was anxious to see if it was possible to see a specialist let alone perform a procedure in the same day. Time was of essence. Sally went to work at the local school system. At 8:00am sharp, I began calling the GI specialist the 24 hour clinic recommended. “We do not do that procedure. You need to call a surgeon.” I began to sweat. I called the Surgery Group

and explained my situation to Kala. She said to come in at four, they would squeeze me in. Being impatient as I am, I was thankful to  have  someone see me the same day.

Al and I drove to Pace, one town over,  to have some locks rekeyed. We then laied out some tile planing to lay when we got back. I think Al wanted to keep my mind off the coming Dr. Visit.

Al drove me the hours drive to Pensacola so I would be on time. I begged the nurse to please help me have the procedure done today so I might have a chance to heal so at least I could start in San Diego April first. When Dr. H looked at my situation he said that all was well and that it would go away. Answered prayer. Relief was instantaneous. Back home for dinner and ice cream with mayple syrup.

Day 13, Miles 0. Milton Fl.