I woke up eagar to get back on the bike after yesterdays day of fun and rest. The plan was to go to church and then continue the bike ride west. As I did the morning thing, I noticed, I was bleeding. I had an enlarged H that I was trying to ignore. I guess the time was up and I had to deal with it.

On the way back from church we stopped by a 24 hour care facility and Dr. O suggested I see a specialest.

Sally and Al assured me that however long it takes to heal, I was welcome to stay in their home. I realized their amazing commitment to their mission, to be the hands and feet of Christ, was being carried out and I, again, was being fully blessed. Grace and Mercy was facing me directly. Total strangers were opening their home to me. Feeding me breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Driving me to see a doctor, waiting for me, getting medicine, waiting for me, and shopping for supplies, and waiting for me, so I wouldn’t make such a mess of everything. Very humbling.

Is my ride over? Is it delayed? Would I make it to New Orleans to catch the bus reservations I just made? Is this a more serious problem? Lots of questions….

I did know I was experiencing God’s love through Sally and Al. We rested and prayed for healing. I planed to see if I could get an apoinment with a GI specialist tomorrow.

Day 17,  0 miles.  In God’s Hands.