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The Rain

Once again, up early. The forecasted storm didn’t disappoint me. Lots of wind, rain, and lightning. Thanks for the pavilion, I am truly thankful.

With all my lights flashing, I headed out in the rain towards Madison, Fl. I was looking for a local diner but McDonald’s would have to do.

As it rained off and on, I pulled into Greenville, Fl. to local diner. “Anything fresh on the menu?……The fish is….. That’s what I’ll have”. The tilapia sandwich was delicious and got my mind off my wet condition.

As I was pedaling out-of-town, two cycling angels appeared in my mirror. Humm… company. As they got closer I could see it was Rich and Rob. I slid in between them and the pedaling became a lot easier. I was so thankful, I offered to buy them a beer when we arrived in Monticello.

It was St. Patrick’s Day and time to celebrate. Rob had other plans so off they went while I rode to Maria and Diane’s, warm shower hosts, to dry out.


Day 6, 41.5 miles, Monticello, Florida