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Hiking Friends

Maria and Diane were great hosts. Five dogs, Gringo, Stitch, Cafe, Carmelita, and Chino, two cats, and baby chicks kept me occupied. I felt so comfortable and rested. I cleaned the chain and checked the air in my tires, which was over due to be completed.

With clean cloths and body, I toured Monticello and found Tupelo’s

Bakery & Cafe. Kim and Abby made a delicious Quiche, smiling faces and all.

The road to Tallahassee was lined with Crepe Myrtles, rolling mile after rolling mile. What a sight it must be in June when they are in full bloom.

I met Last Minute, who I met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012, in Quincy, Fl. We loaded my bike in his car, “more like crammed”, and drove north to Bainbridge, Ga. To meet Four Beards. I met him while hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2011. His mother Carolyn, made us strawberry shortcake, a perfect ending to another spectacular day.


Day 7, 55.3 miles. Quincy, Florida