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The Wind


Up at 5:30am so I wouldn’t bother anyone since I was near some homes. I used the map app on my Android phone to find my way to Wellborn where I was assured to be back on the bike trail.

I was looking forward to a cup of coffee at a local diner but none was to be found in town. As I crossed I-10 the wind picked up. Riding along farms prepared for their spring crop, the blowing soil looked like the great dust storms I remember seeing on the old western movies. I learned what the low gears on my bike were for.

I reached Lee around 4:00 PM as the forecasted storm became a reality. With no motels nearby, I asked the locals if there was a community park with a shelter in town. “Well… today is your lucky day, two blocks past the light”. All it took was fifteen minutes for me to get prepared for tonight’s show.


Day 5, 58.5 miles, Lee, Florida.