16-05-15 Day 49 Hoosier Pass – Mark Trail

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The wind was calm and memories of the wind blew through my mind. Time to move. It was 5:30 and the OPEN sign was on. Tina said she would open between 6:30 and 7:00 so maybe I can get a bite before I leave. Unfortunately my hopes were waisted. Fairplay was 18 miles up the road and I would have to wait to put in my contacts..

The rain started like a tease.. Drop here and there.. The forecast was for rain in the afternoon, after I pedaled over the pass so i had to push….. Soon it was poring. My rain gloves were deep in the clothes bag… I can wait…

As I turned on to RT 285 my hands were numb… The South Fairplay Fire Station was on my left as I had a mile more to get to town… Be smart Mark. So I stopped at the fire station and ran cold water over them to warm up… I was freaking about the rain…. RAIN HERE, SNOW AT 11,000 FT Hoosier Pass. I looked at the maps and weather app and looked to see if there was anyone on the Warm Showers App that could help me. Maria had moved but called a friend David and Lori to rescue me.

As I rolled along North Oak Street looking for their home, David came out, ” You can put your bike into the shed”. The hospitality poured out as the rain fell… So nice to be by a glowing stove full of wood. David made second breakfast as we sat around their kitchen table and talked about life and adventure. Lori teaches at the Monasori School and David does construction on his time. Both love the outdoors that’s why they live in Alma at 10,578 ft. The highest incoporated town in the US.

There was a three hour window and four miles to Hoosier Pass 11,500 ft. the highest point on the Trans Am route… Humm. Let’s go for it…

The pass was clear and had snow covered mountains rising both sides f the road. I took a break to breath it all in…..   The ride to Breckenridge was all downhill… All 12 miles…  Yah Hoo…..

Since the forecast was for snow, I contacted David on Warm Showers in Breckenridge to make it a short day and check out the town.. From his balcony you could see the expansive ski slope… It was calling me….”Come, Come”.   Maybe….

The town was in between tourist seasons so lots of places were closed. We decided to eat in. David made a huge vegetable casserole and local ice cream for desert….

Amazing Day

Hartsel, CO to Breckenridge, CO
39 miles