16-05-14 Day 48 Going up- Mark Trail

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The coyotes howled,  “Get up” …. I love sleeping outdoors. The MSR #hubbahubba is a great shelter…. It is free standing which means to can stand by itself… I didn’t put the fly over the top so I could see the stars…   MMMM…..

I knew it was going to be a challenging day from the get go. Up, Up, did I say UP? The grade was wonderful but tiring.

Since I camped I needed a place to put in my contacts. Guffey was a mile off the route and up….. Only one way…  The town was still sleeping at 10:00 except for the Rolling Thunder Cafe.. Someone enjoyed listening to classical piano as I could hear it as I dismounted Silver, my bike… “Incoming” and the music stopped… “Go ahead You can turn it back on” I said. Geordi said she was practicing.. Oh like play along I thought till I saw her playing…. OH MY…

Life couldn’t get any better. Coffee, The most comfortable chair,  and a private concert…

The special was a Green Chili Burrito. Yes OK…. Two hours and the best break a mile off the route all made it worth it….. Thanks Wayne and Geordi!!!

12:15 pm and only 16 miles biked.. The wind didn’t give me a break and gave me all it had. In Hartsel at 42 miles I had given all I had… The wind had it’s way with me …  Crawled into the High Line Saloon where Mike and Tina made sure I was taken care of. I ate a plate full of rice and beans, set up the #Hubba across the street in a field filled with rusting trucks.. and crashed.   I slept till 7:30 and ate dinner number two….
Thank You Mike and Tina!!!

North of Canon City to Hartsel, CO
41.5 miles