16-05-11 Day 45 Half Way – Mark Trail

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

Cock a doo dal do.. It was 3:00 am.. Then the neighbors rooster had to let everyone know he was here also… John made his way to Gillians home at 4:30 am, right on time. We slept in a camper trailer in Gillian’s back yard. She has been hosting bikers for years. Her native home is New Zealand, so there was quite the worldly discourse during breakfast.

At 6:00 am John, Dennis, and Gehring biked off and I shorty after.  It was a short day and the forecast had an “E” in the wind direction…

Very rare in a western bike ride.

Nothing happening in Crowley or Olney Springs and I missed the morning get together in Boone. The scenery included 15 miles of Ore Train Cars lined up like a lazy river of gold..  There were breaks where side roads or small bridges but mostly continous…  Another untold story……

I wanted to stay two nights in Pueblo so I contacted Robert on Warm Showers..  He didn’t get home till after 5:00 so I had plenty if time to check out the town.  First to fill the face and then to the El Pueblo History Museum. The current display was of the history of worker’s struggle of conditions of making a living. Coal miners strike of 1913 – 1914 resulting in the Ludlow Massacre, Killing the wives and children of the miners, motivation for a 8 hour work day and child labor laws. The Chicano struggle of the 60’s was also on display.. History, Our America, I am experiencing……

It started to rain so I made my way to Roberts home..   Bill and Dianne only host bikers when Robert is home… My luck…. When I rode up in front of their home and saw their extensive gardens, I knew I was in for a treat… We had a large vegetable garden as I grew up and learned the joy of nurturing nature.. My career was in landscape and so I knew we would hit it off. Dianne gave me a tour and soon Robert and Bill were home.  Off to Brues Ale house for a Slopper… A hamburger smothered in green chilie….  Local Food…. Yummy….

Ordway  to Pueblo, CO 49.5 miles