16-05-10  Day 44  Gillian

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The park in Eads was just across the RR tracks next to highway 96.. You would have thought it was not conducive on a deep sleep but when I woke up I was ready to bike. I was finishing up my breakfast when  Dennis and  Gehring rode by. It was 6:00 am…

It was ten miles to Haswell. A perfect distance to enjoy a ride and then breakfast… Unfortunately Haswell Propane is operated by the Son and Daughter in law of Mom and Dad long since retired.. I was happy it was there but there was no effort to accommodate travelers. No coffee… Wow… It is another dying town and they have given up, hanging on by a thread..

Ten miles out of Sugar City I rode over a crest and the Snow covered Rockies rose in the distance. The terrain is changing from the grassy flatlands to the front range of the rockies.  I am so excited to be back in Colorado and to make amends from last summer’s CDT hike.   Then John appeared in my mirror, pedaling as if there wouldn’t be any pie left in the next cafe… Yea!! John caught up.

The Sugar City Diner has been operating  for over 35 years. Lynnette has been there every one.  Totally different than Haswell………. Meatloaf and Apple Crumb filled me up till I pedaled 5 miles to Orway where Dennis Gehring were at the grocery store… “Would you like to go to the park and have a beer?” Gehring asked… As we were telling stories, Gillian drove up as she was delivering mail, “Do you need directions? ” So nice..  We all decided to have a BIG salad for dinner, went to the store to load up, and made our way through town. Riding with a group was nice for a change… Lots of sharing about parts of the world I have not experienced… And the bucket list gets bigger….

We all did the town routine, Showers, Laundry, Charge up devices and then all sat around Gillian’s dinner table and shared time together…  As the rain and lightning blew through…  So special. ..

Eads, Co to Ordway  60.5 miles