16-05-04  Day 38   Planning

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The forecast was for Sunny Skies and wind out of the north at 16 mph.. The route was for the day was 18 miles east, 19 miles north, and the rest west. As usual John was up at 4:30 so what the heck. I got up at 5:00.., an early start was a great idea.

With all my lights flashing I headed out at 6:00 am. my earliest start… The sun crept up and felt warm on my back as the wind blasted from my right…

I was going 5 mph slow and wanted to enjoy the ride so I just let the day happen with no expectations. Since the wind was so loud in my ears, I put on my mp3 player for the first time of the trip.. My brain was getting a little mushy and now I could sing along, be weird, and not a soul in sight to care.

There was supposed to be a place to eat in Rosalla but a lady at the Post Office said if his car is there he’s open. No car……. not open…

Cassoday had a Deli/Gas station by the interstate. I was so tired, I sat for two hours and rested…. and all you can eat fried chicken buffet…..

The route turned west and the wind was on my right side again so I could pedal faster. The wind pushed me around a bit but so beautiful. When I was tired, I stopped. I loaded up with water so no worries.

I arrived at the Newton County Campground at 5:30. Newton was 7 miles away and I had a clicking sound I couldn’t figure out so I called the Newton Bike Shop to see if they could look at it. They also have a hostel but it was late so I didn’t get my hopes up.

Heather answered and said sure come on in and we will set you up….  The town was bigger than most but not a lot of activity at 7:00 pm. I made my way to Back Alley Pizza for a delicious everything.  The  hostel is right next door in the bike shop… They Newton Bike Shop has been open for four years and is expanding. Adding bunks for travelers and showers…  No wonder Heather and James have created a thriving business… They understand bikers.. First there is FREE BEER on tap, laundry, wifi, and anything/everything you can imagine you would want or need… Even my favorite,  popcorn.  Heather gave me a key and I had the whole store to myself.. All I had left to do is sign their wall where all the previous visitors had signed. …
Yea… Home sweet Home.

Eureka, KS. To Newton  74.5 miles