16-05-03   Day 37   State Bird

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The towns were getting smaller and farther apart. Benedict was a mile off route so I kept pedaling on. When I turned on 39 west, the shoulder was 10 then 6 then 2 feet wide. The trucks we numerous. Zoom, Truck…. Zoom, Truck… Zoom, Truck…  the BIRD.. Did he really flip me the bird?  By the time I was over it, here he comes with a return load with a double bird…  Really… Why???.. I tried to stop a few trucks with no luck…

I turned north on 105 and two trucks pass me.  In a few miles I could see them parked at a farm and I pulled in. Steve and Nathan Miller, father and son, gave me the whole history of their family farm. 4,000 acres in corn, soy beans, and wheat… Family Farming…  Our Country….

It was time for lunch in Coyville. Not a lot going on in town so there was a table next to the Community Center.. Great. The door was open so I got some much needed water.  Mary Eckton came over from across the street. She has lived in Coyville with the other 25 residents for 86 years… Her dad had a lumber mill till the train stopped running in 44…

Next stop was the corner of 105 and 54… The Lizard Lips Deli… I wasn’t hungry so I rested and talked to Evan Murry the fishing expert in the area…  Very entertaining. ..

John had texted me that the Eureka Community Park was nice so that’s the place for the night. The Copper Kettle was hopping as the local place to eat. I had Bierock, made of cabbage, onions, hamburger, and swiss cheese,  Baked into bread, always looking for the local specialty.

Chanute to Eureka, KS.   61 miles