16-04-23         Day 27        Rollers2

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

Sue and Bruce were leaving early to recertify there food handling permits so I had coffee while Sue busily buzzed the kitchen making Breakfast Casserole for the full house.

They ran out the door and I packed up and was on the road an hour later…

I have been focused on completing Kentucky and not really looking ahead so I had no plans for the days ride. My achilles tendon was inflamed. I raised my seat to high and now I’m hurting every time I turn the pedal…. I texted a few Warm Shower hosts but didn’t think I would have any luck since such short notice. Bill and Martha responded and offered a bed…. YES!!!

The highlight of the day was:

1.  A dog chased me and I couldn’t unclip fast enough so I fell in the middle of the road….

Best part… No dog bite and a guy stopped to see if I was alright…

2.  Jon and Susan stopped and took a picture of me. Jon writes a column for #crazyguyonabike website and wanted a pic to go with his column.

3.  Kristen stopped and gave me some water… Just at the right time.

4.   Crossed the Tunnel Hill State Bike Trail….  will have to return to check it out….   Do I hear roadtrip???

5. Devils Kitchen Lake and Little Grassy Lake recreation areas with fisherman, endless shoreline, areas and a sparkling spillway.

I texted Bill as to my progress. I estimated I would arrive at 7:00 pm but the rollers were kind. Only two, one breathers…. Rolled into Carbondale at 6:00….

To my amazement, Bill and Martha are Backpackers and Bikers. We talked about which and when and sure enough, we have common hiking friends…  “Shirks or Grits” from Alabama hiked with “Rock Lobster”  Bills trail name. I met Skitks in 2013 on the AT and tried to keep up with him on the CDT in 2015…   Small World…. Bill made a Great Dinner and we watched the Chicago Redwings beat Saint Louis in hockey.. Home sweet Home…..

Elizabethtown, IL to Carbondale
74 Miles