16-04-22  Day 26    Illinois

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I love trains so when the horn blew all night long I really didn’t mind… Being warm, clean, and dry was really comforting…

I was going to catch breakfast in town but Pastor Bob gave me a list of all the places to check out all the way to Carbondale. It was 10:30 and the first stop was Jeri’s Cafe in Clay, Kentucky. .. The fried catfish was worth the 20 mile ride.. WOW I love biking…..  I was craving a salad so in Marion, southwest salad and Moca Frappuccino.

Highway 91 dead ends into the Ohio River with the small town of Cave in Rock on the Illinois side…  Thank goodness for a ferry that runs back and forth all day for …. FREE …..

Really…  The river was milky brown and filled with tugboats pushing barges filled with coal south…

I made my way to the Cave in Rock State Park…  so beautiful. ….. The storys about the cave are varied with robbers taking advantage of river travelers being the most prevalent.

It was time to plan a place to stay.. Traveling alone is different than with a partner. I had no one to hang with so I pushed on to The River Rose Inn in Elizabethtown, Il. There was a place to camp at the towers along the way but was not listed on my map…  ??

Sue and Bruce are from California and have been operating the Inn for 11 years…  Sue gave me the tour and a beer…. We sat on their wide and inviting porch watching the Ohio River traffic float by. Walked to the floating River Restaurant for another round of the local special ….   catfish…

Sebree, KY  to Elizabethtown, IL
64 Miles

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