16-04-07 Day 11 Wind, Wind, and Wind.

Biking the TransAm 2016
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

Again I took my time getting on the road. There was a microwave in the church kitchen so I made use of it, ate my granola and packed up.

I rode 10 miles to a McDonald’s for a warm cup of coffee and on to Wytheville for lunch. The winds were gusting above 20 mph. I was pushing to keep going 4 mph. My college buddy Frank was coming to spend the night so I was hoping to make it to Troutdale but that goal quickly drifted away. I stopped at the Wytheville Museum and learned of the hardship of Polio epidemic in the 50’s on the town. They had an Iron Lung machine on display and story boards of the sad effects. I remember having the vaccine as a child and not knowing how blessed I was. Mr. Macri, my second dad in Jacksonville, Florida, had Polio and walked with a limp…. He was so kind to me as I was trying to figure out what it was to be 20 years old..

A great role model and mentor.

My legs felt as if they were out if gas and the wind didn’t help. I pressed on towards Rural Retreat, 10 miles away for the next stop. Again the wind and lots of traffic. The local Sheriff stopped and checked my ID saying they had some complaints that I was obstructing traffic. I said yes I was, I was being blown all over the road… “Be Safe” he said as he drove away.

I looked for a Church in Rural Retreat, I was pooped… Frank suggested the Rural Retreat Lake Campground three miles away…

“Sure, I can make it…”. When I arrived it was closed and didn’t open till May… Humm….

I called Frank and made a reservation for the Best Western back in Wytheville…20160408_113020Frank picked me up at 6:00pm. It was my lowest point of the trip. Physically I was beat…. The hills, wind, and miles are taking their toll on me…..

A few hours later, showered,  we were having Chinese dinner…. Bike Angel Frank to the Rescue!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Draper to Rural Retreat 40 Miles
Best Western, Wytheville

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