16-04-06 Day 10 The Cold Wind Blows!

Biking the TransAm 2016
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

The ice crystals crunched as I rolled over… No it can’t be…I am inside my tent…. Yep.  freezing…. It is going to be a long day… I took my time and sipped on my coffee as I packed up the wet tent… Maybe another cup of coffee to warm me up… Thank you Catawba Community Center.

I was all bundled up as I made my slow way to Christiansburg. The Church bells were tolling 12 as I crawled into town with 25 miles ridden in 4 hours.. Ugggg…

Burger King for another cup of coffee to thaw out… I snacked on some of my food to try to lighten the load…. I need to lighten up.

Radford had a nice community bike trail but much to short to really enjoy. Soon I was back on the road and traffic.  It was 5 o’clock and Newbern was all locked up. Luckily for me the town of Draper has Bryson’s Store. Terry Bryson shared all the local news and stocked  me up with water so I could camp up the road… Very nice visit…

I was really worn out as I crested the hill with the Draper Valley Presbyterian Church Shinning Bright… It was Wednesday night bible study and the parking lot was full. Nate greeted me as I quietly entered. After the lesson Pastor Bob invited me to sleep in the church.. Susan loaded me a plate full of salad and I was ready for bed…. I am a blessed man…

Draper Valley Presbyterian Church
Catawba to Draper. 55 miles

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