16-03-31   Day 4    Charlottesville

2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!
TransAmerica 2016 Blog

I need to reset my alarm on my watch.. No need to wake up at 5:30… How about 6?  Coffee and a sink with hot water.. Thank you Palmyra Methodist Church for a wonderful nights sleep.

Crossed the Rivanna River where there was once a canal to transport farm goods from the plantations nearby.

President James Monroe, the fifth president. Lived in a modest home, that looked much more like a home than a mansion. I was again early and the painters were scraping away trying to get ready for the upcoming tourist season.

Montecito had a long drive way uphill so I passed by having visited James Madison’s home previously.

Most of the drivers were very patient as I climbed the hills into town… MOST…. a few close encounters…..


I reached White Hall early and Met Larry Wayant  At Wayants Store. We had a great conversation about his Great Grandfather and Grandfather running the country store. A family tradition rare in our US of A..

Soon Clai picked my up for a much needed soak in the bath…. My legs were hurting….

After a great dinner out with Clai and Iva it was back to Iva’s for a Great Nights Sleep…

White Hall (Charlottesville) 38 miles.