16-03-30     Day 3       All Gears. All Day…

2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!
TransAmerica 2016 Blog

img_0651Ashland, VA is beautifully decorated with bikes of all sizes colors and shapes.. No question, someone likes bikes…   Amtrak also runs straight through the middle of town..  Small town USA… Gotta to love it……

Visited one of “Give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry’s homes today.. 17 kids.. that would be liberating..  The wife had some mental issues….You Think???

That’s the history lesson for today.

Stopped at the Elk Creek Country Store for lunch and met Tarzan and Kimmy.. He is the minnow tank expert and Kimmy is the Bass fishing record holder. Smiles all around.

As I was working on keeping my lungs still in my body, Gasping, I tried to shift to the 30th gear… No luck only 27….  Lots of ups and downs preparing for the Blue Ridge Parkway


I rode into Palmyra, VA. at 7:00 pm. Pastor George greeted me at the door of the Methodist Church with a fried chicken dinner. So welcoming and a blessing to me.

My body is not happy but it will come a long in due time.. Looking for some rest in Charlottesville tomorrow.

Palmyra, VA.  71.5 Miles