15-08-23   Day 134.  Schaffer Outpost – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

I think it was the coldest morning since Colorado. The transpired water on the inside of the tent froze solid by the time I got ready to pack it up. My feet were frozen….

I hiked two and a half miles to the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. I was crossing my fingers hoping for a bridge but no luck. I guess that’s why they call it Wild…erness. That didn’t help me at Seven in the morning fording the river bare foot. Good thing I wasn’t in Church… I was grumbling in the worse way….20150823_081416The bright side is that all Outposts have privys….and I was ready for a privy. Sure enough I found the privy and it was a nice one. Someone was at the door so I finished reading the morning paper and said “Good Morning, where can I get some water for coffee?”. Christa said she would be right up for some coffee.  “Come on in”. The “Office” looked like a kitchen with a stove for cooking and a wood burning stove for heat…It was still freezing outside and Christa served COFFEE….”Would you like a piece of pie?” REAL HOMEMADE APPLE PIE. One minute my feet are fording and freezing, the next minute I am sitting next to a stove having coffee and HOMEMADE APPLE PIE!!!!  WOW. I had to pry myself away and hike on. Thank you Schaffer Outpost…..especially Christa!

P1050346I hiked along the Flathead River then switched to the Morrison Creek,  and lastly Lodgepole Creek, before turning straight up from 5,200 ft to 6,600 ft. I had to take my shoes off to ford the Morrison and Lodgepole. Gosh, I am determined to keep me feet dry today….for a change….20150823_194741

20150824_064601 20150824_070254When I finally got to the top of a no named pass I looked at where I might camp. Badger Outpost was to far away. I hiked mostly downhill and made great time. By the time I got back on the CDT, it was time to get off and hike directly to the Outpost. Maybe I could make it. As I came around the corner to the outpost, a scene from outer space appeared. The whole camp had been wrapped in aluminum foil….. Really… And sprinklers set up all around it…… Fire…..Did they leave me a fire suit? .Nope……. Because I hiked late, I am set up for thirty miles to East Glacier. ..Yea. Home baked COOKIES waiting for me the post office…

20150823_194939Badger Guard Station. 24 Miles

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