15-08-22.   Day 133.    Fire Detour – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015     P1050317The Zpacks Heximid tent was covered with ice and snow and it was cold so I packed up everything and hiked to Spotted Bear Pass.

The CDT was closed due to fires north so Chris in the Rocky Mountain Ranger District rerouted me through the Bob Marshal Wilderness.

I dropped down to the Pentagon Backcountry outpost and had lunch and dried everything out. I started out hiking up Pentagon Creek, over the pass and then down Dolly Verdon Creek. P1050330As I descended, the bear scat got bigger and more frequent sightings on the trail. Logs and rocks were overturned.P1050332 I carried my bear spray in my hand with the safety off. It was a little nerve wracking. I almost made it to Schafer Backcountry out post complete with a runway… But I didn’t, so I found a campsite with a great tree to hang all the smelly things.

Before Schafer outpost. 26 Miles.

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