15-07-31. Day 111 Real Trail, Real Nice – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

P1040592  We were camped at 9,000 ft and had a great night with the full moon shining bright. We were hiking at 6:15 am. We hiked two miles to Goldstone Pass where we were suppose to get water but we stayed on the 9,300 to 9,800ft ridge with beautiful views to the east. We hiked an additional six miles to our first water of the day. That’s a twenty one mile section without water. We did great on three litters but if it was hotter, four would have been better. We dropped down to a low of 7,400 ft before we began to climb again.     ContactPhoto-IMG_20150731_173846We had dinner at Hamby Creek and met Elena and Will from England, another couple that are true south-bounders.

We hiked another three miles to the edge of a thousand foot drop in elevation that we will save for tomorrow morning.

Past Hamby Creek. 24 miles

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