15-07-13.  Day 93.   Grants Village – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

P1040041 We were hiking at 6:00 am because it was a big day. I needed to get some help and the gang had 20 miles to hike. We also wanted to dip in the hot pools along the Heart Lake Geyser Basin.P1040042


We followed the contour of Heart Lake for miles. The trail then veered north we looked for where the boiling hot springs mixed with the cool river water. We couldn’t find the magic spot so we hiked on. After many hours, we came to the road and we said our goodbyes and hitched to Grants Village. After a short wait, we got a great ride. I asked at the store as to where the post office is and got a Gatorade and some bland crackers, and some bananas.I ate two pieces of bread hiking to the road and everything seemed to be getting better. I ate a banana and some pretzel. Maybe I am getting better and Don ‘t need to see a DR. We packed up two boxes of foods to forward, one to Lima and the other to Leador.


We stopped in the store one last time and picked up a sandwich and salad for Moonwalker . I bought a Gatorade and a pack of turkey meat. We hiked back to main highway and the hitched along the way. Greg, Tamara, and Jose made room for us in the van and as we got close the the trail head, asked if we wanted a shower and dinner……Hard choices. A Hot Shower, Pork Chops, Corn, Rice and Salad. Moonwalker had to eat my S’more which topped off a amazing day.  Nice Trail Magic.

Flagg Ranch Campground.  12 miles

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