15-07-12.      Day 92.    Yellowstone – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Another early start. I was feeling better but only oatmeal for breakfast. We started at 6:15 because we didn’t want to have to wait for the Backcountry office to open. Well we were going to an outpost and the Ranger was more interested in getting set up to clear the Shake River Trail. Too bad we were a day early.

Yea! We are in Yellowstone National Park. We followed the trail crew for a few miles and then followed the Snake River most of the day, then switched to the Heart River. The campsite 8J4, was off near the river with bear logs 20 ft high. Humm… Big Bears.


I was again sick all afternoon so I didn’t eat any dinner. I am very hungry and sick….


Poppa Smurf Relaxing in his Zpacks Heximid

SE Heart Lake.  17.5 Miles

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