15-07-07.     Day 87.    Town Day – Mark Trail CDT

The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


Town is a real motivator. We were up at 4:00 am and hiking at 5:15 am. The rain was still clinging and freezing cold. We found an old Forest Service road that had knee high grass covering it. Out feet were freezing and wet.




We hiked down to the South Fork of the Fish River. Then turned North East and climbed back to the Divide before reaching Hwy 26/287.

We were not having any luck finding a ride. I think it was my beard and glasses. After 45 minutes and just before we were going to quit, Ollie stopped and picked us up. We called the Stagecoach Motel and booked a room. I needed rest. We did our town stuff and went out to dinner at the cobbler. I had a ruben sandwich that was delicious. We went back to the room and the gang of six were going out. Dan and Mary, Poppa Smurf, Flop, Why Wait, and Jellybean. By the time I finished my salad my stomach was in a knot. By the time I made it to the restroom, I was in trouble. I want back to our room and took an Imodium. Every fifteen minutes till 2:00 am. Oh boy…

Duboise  12.5 Miles

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