15-07-06 Day 86 Shortcut???  – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

As I was visiting the outdoor potty I could hear Moonwalker talking.. Jellybean came walking up. We haven’t seen any CDT hikers since South Pass.. Wow..


We finished packing up and caught up to Poppa Smurf, Why Wait, Flop, and JellyBean. They were all section hiking that started on June 20th the same day we had. They were friends that met on various previous hikes. I collected their emails and hiked on.


We would stop, they would pass. They would stop, We would pass.

We found a beautiful spring gushing cold, clear, delicious water… Do we filter… No…  Hummm…..

After we ate lunch, we looked on the map and there were two ways to go. One way had a cross country shortcut… What do you think? The group went one way, we took the “Short Cut”.. After a half mile I was thinking…. What was I thinking?… It was a hard traverse but we made it. It looked like we were the only hikers that took the route for years… The trail was overgrown easily lost. To make it more interesting the black clouds started to roll in. We filtered some water even though there were beaver dams along the creek. Not my idea of the best source but we needed water…

We crossed the creek and found a spot to eat. The wind picked up as the storm approached. We rushed to set up the tent just in time to escape the downpour…. YES!!

Above Squaw Creek.   18 miles

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