15-06-03.  Day 53.   Why? – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

Woke up at 5:15 am and my sleeping bag was dry. This is the first time cowboy camping where the condensation didn’t form on the top of the bag. I cowboy-ed on the PCT all but a few nights with no condensation. What a difference.

I made coffee mocha to start off the day of the road walk to South Fork then Creede. As She-ra and I walked, we hoped the guys were doing well as they hiked along the ridge. I questioned my decision as to walking the road. All the options and ramifications. All I know is that I don’t want to put myself in the same position as I did five days ago. One slip or one slide and it would have been over…

We stopped in South Fork for second breakfast and Wagon Wheel Gap for second lunch. We were now following the Rio Grande upstream. When I bicycled across the country with Moonwalker, we crossed a dry Rio Grand. This time it was filled to the top with snow melt.


As we walked, we had to pick unique trash. It’s just the right thing to do. The game is to find something unique and give it to your hiking partner to carry.  I think She-ra won by carrying the most trash including an explosive sign.


We walked into Creede worn out after 25 miles at 6:30 pm in time to hit Tommy Knockers for a sandwich and beer. I was to dehydrated to drink my beer and She-ra was so gracious to help me out. We walked to the Veterans Memorial Park and Cowboy-ed behind the mining train……in the center of town….

Creede 25 miles

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