15-06-02.   Day 52.   Choosing the Road – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

It was time to get back on the trail. I packed up with to much food for the 40 mile road walk to Creed. We said our goodbyes to Rusty as he left for work. First Man and I walked to town for coffee to blow some time before Whip Tail came to drive us back to Wolf Creek Pass. We left Durango at 10:30 am for Pagosa Springs where we dropped off First Man and picked up Lott.


Wagon Wheel, Vanilla Face and Andy were there. We spent some time catching up and it was time to drive back to the pass. Once again we hugged and said goodbye not knowing when or if we would see each other again. At  Wolf Creek Pass, Restless, #2, and Lott hiked north while She-ra and I walked the road to South Fork.

We stopped at Highway Springs campground and found a great Campsite under pines with lots of soft needles. It was a clear night so we could cowboy camp away from the road near the South Fork of the Rio Grand River. It was churning with a lots of snow melt. Melt baby Melt.

Stealth at Highway Springs CG. 9.5 Miles

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