15-05-04.    Day 23.    Highs and Lows

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

Since we were next to the solar tank with plenty of water we made hot water. There was frost on the ground so our sleeping bags were wet from condensation as our sweat hit the cold tops of our bags. We will dry them in the sun at lunch.


After a four mile road walk on NM 117 we had breakfast at the trail head for The Narrows Rim Trail. There was a picnic area so Sourdough went all out and made potato soup.. Delicious.


We have been road walking since Mangas Mt Fire Lookout so being on a trail was nice. The rim trail was amazing. With great views of our next section The Malpias Lava Fields, we could see for miles.


We even hiked cross country and climbed down a dry creek bed between the tall cliffs. When we arrived at the road again, Phil decided to hitch into Grant to get some new shoes and let his blisters heal. I have no idea how he has walked this far with ALL his blisters. Off to the road and he was gone.


Sourdough and I hiked along the road till we came to Zuni-Acoma Trail Head. It crosses The Malpias Lava Field for eight miles. The trail was on lava up, down, over and through. Very slow going.  We stopped for dinner and at 7:30 we camped.


Half way across The Malpias. 15 Miles

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