15-05-03.     Day 22.     Road and Water

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015


5:40 I awoke to be ready to hike at 6:00 am. We hiked to the Corner Well for breakfast. Commando was there camping and left as we were eating. We hiked north then east to our next water.


I carried a liter since it was only eight miles to the next water. Armijo Spring is a half a mile up Armijo Canyon. There was suppose to be water but only a four inch pipe with water in it, but it was not flowing or dripping.

20150503_120654 20150503_120727

Although it was a very historic site, I was bummed. It was getting hot and I only had a little water left and 10 miles to the next solar well. I flicked the water with my finger into my bottle for twenty minutes and only got two  dirty cups…..There were a few water tanks along the way but most were dry. There was a windmill six tenths of a mile up the trail but I didn’t want to hike it as I was pooped from scrambling a mile up a canyon with no water.


As Alex and W started to hike cross country to the windmill, we found a muddy water tank with water next to the trail. Sourdough waded out and filled our bottles with sand brown water. I doubled filtered. Once with a coffee filter and second with my Sawyer Mini. The water came out of the filter clear.. Yes…


We ate lunch and hiked another 9 miles to highway 117 and a Solar Well. It was flowing and was great water. We ate dinner and camped by the tanks. The sunset was awesome and the moonrise better….


Solar Well at 117 and Sand Canyon. 17.5 miles

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