15-05-01.    Day 20.     May Day

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

The dogs took turns barking ALL night. My pinky toe on my left foot did the same thing my achilles on my right foot did in Silver City. Very frustrating and painful. No sleep that I really needed.


I made coffee and started on the chores. The Toaster House is a place for hikers hiking the CDT and Bikers biking the Great Divide Trail,  to stay while in town. There are showers down the street at the campground..       The Pie-o-neer Pie Shop didn’t open till eleven so we had time to clean and repair some equipment. My thermarest had gotten a leak for the second time so we patched it then patched Phil’s Neo Air sleeping pad.

P1010281 P1010279

We walked to the Pie Shop for some lunch and pie. The vegetable Quiech was wonderful. I ate two. I needed to pick up my resupply box,  three miles east at the Top Of The World convenience store.  I walked about half way before I got a ride to the front door. Vickie retrieved my box and looked for any other mail I might have. “that’s all” she said.  ” Do you need a ride back?” .  “Sure” and back to the Toaster House I went.

P1010283 P1010291

I rushed to the Pie House to have a piece of pie before they closed. Kathy spoiled us with conversation and a scents of home, we missed. I had a piece of  Apple Pepper, Their last piece..


We had multiple dinners including Wagon Wheel’s spegetti with special sauce. It was a great day of rest and food. We had some tea and bed at hiker midnight. ( 9:00 PM ).

Toaster House. 0 Miles